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Hospice Industry Consulting Services

At Peek Consulting, we offer individualized consulting services to match the customer's needs in the ever-changing home care, home health, and hospice industries. Each senior-level consultant brings decades of individual experience, whether in clinical, operational, or financial expertise. We will match your agency with the consultant experience best meeting your identified needs and work on-site and remotely to assist you at every step.

Peek Consulting
Shelly Barrett

Shelly Barrett

Owner, CEO

Shelly holds a bachelor's degree in nursing from Bowling Green State University and a master's degree in business and administration from the University of Northwestern Ohio. She studied at the RJ Turnball school of Enterostomal Therapy, where she became an ET nurse who is certified in wound care. She later became a licensed massage therapist after completing coursework at the Dayton School of Medical Massage. Shelly has 32 years in the home health and hospice industry, from hands-on clinical care to senior-level management of an agency with 10 home health/ hospice/ homecare branches, 3 adult day facilities, and 2 inpatient hospice centers while functioning as the Vice President of Operations. She and her team work with agencies throughout the United States to reach clinical, operational, and financial success.