If Running Your Business Is Giving You A Headache, Then A Thorough Organizational Assessment Is Better Than More Medicine!


You need an organizational assessment. So, we have all been here. Whether it’s staffing, personnel, or regulatory change, its frustrating. If we are so locked in the day-to-day of running our business, then it can be difficult to see where operational changes would really make a difference. We’re too in the thick of it. Enter…

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We Have So Much Clinical Documentation. The Question Is, Are We Better For It? Streamline Nursing Documentation Now To Improve Outcomes Later.

clinical documentation

Talking about nursing documentation will age me, but here it goes. Those of you who have done home health and hospice for a long time will remember when documentation was much simpler. While the introduction of the EMR has been amazing for portability, I question how “good” it is for the patient and clinicians. Let’s…

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Welcome To Peek Consulting

peek consulting

Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you to the first of many posts to be published on my site. If there is one thing that remains consistent in terms of home and community based services, it’s the fact the industry continues to evolve and change over time. That is what our team is here…

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